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What’s a Folio? A Folio consists of intelligently weighted shares composite index to reflect an investment theme, market insights or innovative trend. Choose from one of our professionally built Folios and buy your desired Folio in just one click.
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Thematic investing isn’t new, but widespread access to it is. Professional and high-net-worth investors have been successfully investing around a central theme, trend or trading strategy for decades. With Folios, now anyone can take a great insight and turn it into a great investment.
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Average Annualized Returns
Our pre-built professional Folios have achieved 84% average annualized returns since their creation.


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At Folio Global, we offer professionally designed Folios built around six investing strategies, including industry sectors, income generation, trading philosophies, global markets, values-based investing, and asset allocation approaches.
Our team of investment professionals use insights from the world around us that is being shaped by trends like globalisation, resource scarcity, disruptive technologies, and changing consumer preferences and distills them into Folios containing shares composite indexes of specific industries. The result is unique investment options for Folio investors.


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